I am a painter, with a background in overseas development, so my practice reflects on social, economic and environmental justice issues that I feel strongly about.

In my work I explore Ireland’s past social history and present concerns as they relate to current global issues such as poverty, famine, migration, homelessness, and climate change. 

My current work focuses on the destruction local impact that mechanised turf cutting is having on the environment to the global rise of carbon emissions and consequent climate change.

Peat grows very slowly, only 1mm per year or 1 metre in 100 years. But it absorbs or sequesters Carbon and locks it in for centuries, and is therefore one of the most efficient carbon sinks available.

Damaged peatland (due to turf / peat extraction, afforestation, drainage, burning, etc) are estimated to be responsible for 1/4 of all carbon emissions in Ireland each year, equivalent to the emissions from cars on Irish roads each year.